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Richard Bardowell, MD

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Dr. Bardowell uses the most advanced prenatal testing options to help women understand their risks and the risks facing their babies, so they can take steps to ensure they and their children stay safe and healthy all the way through delivery.

Prenatal Testing Q & A

What is prenatal testing used for?

Prenatal testing uses advanced techniques to determine if the mother or the baby might be at risk for diseases, medical conditions or even genetic issues so steps can be taken to reduce risks during pregnancy and prepare for a healthy delivery. In addition to identifying maternal disease risks like hypertension, anemia, and gestational diabetes, prenatal testing can also evaluate the baby's health, looking for developmental abnormalities and birth defects, some of which can be addressed even before the baby is born. Even when issues can't be addressed in the uterus, prenatal testing can help parents-to-be plan for possible elevated care needs soon after birth.

Do I need to have prenatal testing?

Some prenatal testing is “built in” to regular prenatal care, including mid-pregnancy ultrasounds and ongoing blood work. Special testing may be recommended for women who have elevated risks for issues, including those who:

  • are 35 years of age or older

  • have had harmful drug exposures during pregnancy;

  • have been exposed to STDs during pregnancy;

  • have a close relative with a birth defect or congenital issue;

  • have abnormal ultrasounds or other abnormal lab work;

  • have been recommended for testing by their doctor.

Ultimately, Dr. Bardowell will help you determine if prenatal testing is a good idea for you by reviewing the medical histories of you and your partner to help identify potential risks that might be helped with prenatal testing and treatment.

What happens if prenatal testing yields an abnormal result?

Dr. Bardowell is skilled in helping couples facing both maternal and fetal health issues. He can recommend additional testing and discuss potential treatment options so you can feel confident in the care you and your baby are receiving, and in many cases, help minimize the risks associated with the abnormal finding.

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